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Secured Loans

What are secured loans?

A business will usually be able to borrow more than an individual consumer. This is normally because the loan can be secured against company assets such as commercial property, vehicles or machinery. The amount you can borrow will be directly related to the value of the owned assets. This gives the lender the ability to recoup its costs by repossessing and selling the assets should the business default on the loan.


To whom it applies?

A secured home loan only applies to homeowners. Homeowners are able to borrow money against the equity in their home. We’re able to source a wide range of secured loans to fit all circumstances which can be used for any purpose. If you are looking to consolidate your credit or to do some much needed home improvements then we may just be able to help and one of our friendly advisors will be able to take you through the whole process ensuring you receive the secured loan which is right for you!

Secured and unsecured loans are not regulated by the FCA.

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