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Life Assurance

A Life Assurance (or Insurance, the terms are interchangeable) policy pays out a lump sum to your family when you die.

There are two types of Life Assurances:

Term Life

Term Life Assurance

A Term Life Assurance policy is taken out to run for a certain length of time. Sometimes people choose this type of policy because they want the policy to run alongside their mortgage and end when they have paid off their mortgage. The policy would pay out, up to the amount of money insured, if the named person or persons on the policy died during the time in which the policy was running.

Whole Life

Whole of Life Assurance

A Whole of Life Assurance policy costs more than a term life policy and that is because it will run until the death of the named person or persons on the policy, and will therefore be expected to pay out at some point.

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Buying a Life Assurance

With both policies, you decide on how much money you would like the policy to pay when/if you die and your monthly premiums are based on the cover being provided. You may wish to assure your family by covering the balance of the mortgage owing on your property, or you may wish to provide funds for meeting funeral costs or meeting other outgoings for a period of time, until your family are able to cope agian financially (eg. providing enough money to cover six months of household bills).

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